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CYUNION is ajoint-venture manufacturing company based in China co-founded by domestic and international partners. For decades we have been dedicated to the research,development, and manufacturing of faucet ,shower enclosure related accessories. 


CYUNION established since 2013 , We provide customized products based on deeply understanding of customers’ needs. We have been seeking the best solutions forcustomers to lower the cost. The products right off the manufacturing lines would be brought to our customers directly. Such business mode as factory-to-customers(F2C) significantly saves the cost for our customers making our business extremely competitive in the market. 


Quality of our product is guaranteed not only in sourcing material but by the skilled employees, quality finishing, experienced management team, controlled manufacturing process and we are committed to cordial production. 


Building on theimprovement of quality and value of our products, we never stop exploring waysof generating more benefits for customers. The reputation of CYUNION established by years of efforts are highly recognized by our partners.


Core Competence– We provide worry-free service because we are professional.

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